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Who we’re looking for

We are aware that, to be or become excellent programmers, it is not necessary to be a graduate and not even to be a graduate in technical-scientific subjects. It is not a coincidence that both the founders of Sinapsi graduated in Philosophy on Logical-Mathematical subjects.

In our experience, however, aside from remarkable cases, having studied for years technical and scientific subjects helps approach programming with method and rigour.

It is very rare for Sinapsi to hire resources with a work experience longer than a couple of years. Despite the risk of appearing presumptuous or snobby, we prefer to be ourselves to “initiate” our collaborators into the art of programming, in order to always offer to our customers the best we can.


Generally, at least once every two years, we look for new graduates and new PhDs in technical-scientific subjects to whom we offer a semester of initiation to our preferred programming methodologies, languages, and tools.

During the interniship the “initiates” will be followed daily by our most mature and competent staff and will never be assigned to our clients’ projects before the end of this period.

During the initiation period, the recognition of expenses is positioned at the highest levels of our market sector.

After the internship

At the end of the six-month internship, aside from very rare cases, we always offer a regular employment contract.

Professional career

We will always try to support, as long as you prove you want to cultivate it, the talent of our employees in compliance with Sinapsi’s strategic objectives.

In every company the main problem is always the positioning on the market to find new customers to whom sell services. Rarely the technical talent is accompanied by the managerial and the business development ones. For this reason, in Sinapsi the career is strictly technical. However, if you think you know the powers of the philosopher’s stone, Sinapsi will be very pleased to give you the opportunity to prove it.


As you can read in our Privacy Policy, the Sinapsi website does not use contact forms. If you are graduating or you have just graduated in technical-scientific subjects or you think, while not falling into one or the other case, to have the talent and the passion to pursue a career as a programmer, you can also your send your curriculum vitae to

The first to read it will be Mimmo Cosenza, our President. If he thinks your CV is interesting, you will be contacted, usually in a rather short time. If you do not receive any answer, there are two cases:

If you think you have fallen in the second case, and you believe that we deserve a second opportunity, then resend us your curriculum vitae again.